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About Us

Back in February 2020 stakeholders from dentistry and beyond came together to discuss the well-being of dentists and their teams.

Following this a small group of dedicated colleagues have been collaborating to bring together well-being resources available to the dental team into a single signposting document.

The Collaborative

The collaborative is made up of the following individuals

John Cameron

John is the Chairman of the Dentists’ Health Support Trust and a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen, Institute of Dentistry.

Laura Hannon

Laura is the General Manager of the BDA Benevolent Fund and has a background in charity management, welfare and human resources.

Ros Keeton

Ros is an highly experienced NHS Chief Executive and health care leader who combines a dental background with substantial leadership experience across the full range of healthcare services. Ros is a Fellow of Worcester University and Chairman of a large specialist hospice.  She has been Chairman of the BDA Benevolent Fund since 2017.

Roz McMullan

A retired Consultant Orthodontist, Roz is presently Chair, Northern Ireland (NI) Council, British Dental Association (BDA), Chair, Probing Stress in Dentistry NI, co-chair, DISCREET NI, and a member of a Working Group developing wellness and mental health resources for the FDI. She is a Past President of the BDA, Co-chair and past co-chair of Mental Wellness in Dentistry Working Group (UK).

Shalini Nayee

Shalini is a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Academic Clinical Fellow in Oral Medicine, with dual qualifications in dentistry and medicine.

Rory O’Connor

Rory has worked for 40 years in mental health and addiction with extensive experience in managing programmes for health professionals with mental illness and addictive disorders.  Currently Clinical Lead for Dentists’ Health Support Trust and NHS Practitioner Health and Clinical Advisor for NHS England.

Pepe Shirlaw

Pepe is a former Consultant in Oral Medicine at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Trust. She is currently chair of the Local Dental Network for NHSE London Region, Elected Board Member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery, RCS England and a past President of British & Irish Society for Oral Medicine.

Sandra White

During the development of this resource Sandra was the National Lead for Dental Public Health for Public Health England and Consultant in Dental Public Health. She now works part time for the Association of Dental Groups as their Clinical Director.

John Gibson

John has worked in academic dentistry for his whole professional life with senior leadership and clinical roles in a number of universities and other organisations. His life changed forever in 2019 when his son, Cameron, died by suicide at the age of 24. John is now Chief Executive Officer of The Canmore Trust, a charity working in suicide prevention and postvention.

Share YouR Feedback

We would encourage everyone to complete our feedback survey. This will help us understand how useful our resource is to dental team members and what improvements could be made. We will review the document at least annually to ensure it stays up to date and relevant. 

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